Assess your company’s ability to start penetrating foreign markets through exporting. Complete the export readiness assessment by undergoing a 5-minute quiz and receive recommendations to improve in order to successfully penetrate foreign markets and expand your company globally.

Export Readiness Assessment Quiz

Do you have a product currently available in the domestic market?
Do you possess the production capacities to meet the domestic demand and export abroad?
Do you currently have the financial resources to support your product in foreign markets?
Are you committed and willing to dedicate staff, time and resources to the export efforts?
Do you or your subordinates have experience in exporting?
Do you consider yourself to have sufficient knowledge in modifying packaging and other components in order to meet the demands of the export market?
Have you conducted market research on your target market?
Do you have any knowledge on the export procedures, payment mechanisms, foreign market's legislation and culture?
Are you able to provide after-sale support in the export market?
Have you evidenced potential custom brokers, freight forwarders and sales representatives for your export market?

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